Addiction Recovery Program

 Are you looking for a way and give yourself another chance to deal with your addictive behavior? We are here to offer you this effective ancient technology . Please read below. 

Based on Kundalini yoga.
12-step program.
Psychology and counselling
Mind & Meditation
Healing techniques
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If you have decided to cease an addictive or destructive habit such as excessive alcohol use or the abusive use of some other mind altering substance, then you are undoubtedly looking for more than just abstinence from the substance.  Most of us are seeking a much more inspirational, productive, and enjoyable life experience free of toxic substances. There is a wealth of teachings that Yogi Bhajan gave to us to overcome and surpass obstacles, and train healthy habits into our routines.


Addiction is a prevalent issue in our society, eating disorders, smoking, alcohol abuse or other addictions. Much addictive behavior comes from the compulsion to deal with feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness etc. In addition to recovery programs, yoga, prayer and meditation are widely used in the recovery process. By consciously connecting with one’s essential spiritual identity the compulsion for external substances can be relieved.The causes of addictive behavior are many.


According to Yogic Science the physiological dynamic is fascinating and has to do more with a non- communication between the Pineal and Pituitary Gland. The ancients considered the pineal the “Seat of the Soul.” Modern science is now discovering that the pineal does play a role in glandular coordination. In the yoga tradition, the job of the pineal is to give direction to the pituitary. This is known as the “Master Gland” because it seems to regulate so much of the body’s functions. Actually, we might think of the pineal as the “Master Plan.” When the pineal and pituitary communicate, that’s when you have the experience of Being, of True Self. The brain is telling itself how to regulate itself. It’s self-referential, inner directed. What happens in most people is that these two glands don’t talk to each other. The result is that the pituitary looks for something else to stimulate it, to give it direction. That can be alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and sugar, whatever. But these “outside” things, through the amazing chemistry of the body, act on the pituitary and tell it what to do. However, this falls short of the body staying healthy and balanced in this way. The Master Gland has lost its Master Plan. So when someone feels a little empty or lost and decides to eat a Twinkie or have a drink to feel better, this is what’s happening: the pituitary is looking to be directed but cannot find its partner – the pineal – because our bio-energy of Awareness is on minimum. So the pituitary sends a signal to find something else to give it direction. And that’s how addictions arise. 


There are several core or foundational Kundalini techniques that a person in recovery should focus upon including breathing techniques (pranayama), kriyas, and meditations. Kriyas were specifically taught to rebalance and heal on many levels, e.g. to cleanse the liver, strengthen the nervous system, and regulate the glandular system, as well as tools to build discipline, overcome conscious and unconscious blocks, and develop an overall sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

A every good practice begins with a focus on breathing.  Many of us have never breathed consciously before being asked to do so in yoga class, and the effects of adjusting how we breathe are immediate and revitalizing.  Start by exhaling all of your air, and hold the breath out briefly – for a few seconds before inhaling.  The result is that you will automatically take a full breath in – retain the breath in briefly, and take a few more sips of air in before exhaling.  Repeat by holding the breath out again, and repeat several times.  Do this throughout the day, regardless of the activity you are engaged in, and watch your ability to function effectively in all of those activities improve.


An energizing and cleansing Breath of Fire is essential.  A 3-minute Breath of Fire will oxygenate the entire circulatory system with prana because 3 minutes is about the amount of time that it takes for the blood to circulate through the body once.  Use Breath of Fire to treat substance toxicity and electromagnetic field overload.  Gradually build Breath of Fire to 31 minutes at least twice a day: in the morning upon waking, and in the evening at sunset. Try starting with 1 minute of Breath of Fire twice daily if it is difficult for you.  Smokers especially may find they have to strengthen their lungs and rid themselves of may toxins through this powerful pranayama. Build in a third session at noon to tune up for the second half of the day.


We provide one on one program through kundalini yoga and meditation techniques to support those who are recovering from addictions. We welcome anyone who are seeking the alternative way.  Email us at :  or -- and find out more.






                                                         There is nothing from outside. Try to understand that. 

                                                                All is in you. You are the storehouse of your totality.

                                                                                                 ~ Yogi Bhajan

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