Touch of soul healing


120 mins


Unique merge of the ancient technology of Ayurvedic aroma oil massage with the deep journey of Reiki master’s touch in combination with cosmogetic healing. Balancing and harmonising the chakras and physical body. Through the therapist’s high level of sensitive, empathic skill and counselling, you will be able to unlock the very reason of the emotional and physical blockage deep within you. This therapy will crystallise and purify the inner and outer body. Your pain and deep soul wounds will be released.



Kinesiology Therapy


90 mins 


A therapeutic autonomic response testing instrument to work on your muscle system through biofeedback of the body and the information kept in the mental field. It produces the most reliable and accurate responses. We will be able to find out why are you suffering mentally or physically. The session will be conducted in English or German.



Regression Therapy


120 mins / 180 mins


An access to your childhood memories thought and feelings as a part of your psychotherapeutic process. You will be carried into the memories of an earlier stage of your life. To explore and get in touch with some difficult or unknown answers or pattern in your personality. You will come out with a “Bingo!” feeling as this will crystallised the whole journey of your life. The session will be conducted in English or German.




Indian Acupuncture Therapy


30 mins


Balancing the energy flow of the Nadis. Reducing pain. Working on destructive behaviour of your lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol and food addiction. Improving immune system. Detoxification of your entire system.




Nadis Accupressure Massage


60 mins


Working on the entire body with combination of Indian and Thai massage to clear the path of the nadis - the channel of energy. There are 72,000 nadis in our body. Once the nadis are clear the whole body experience a better flow of breath, energy, and relaxation.

Singing Bowls and Reiki Master healing


60 mins


Transformative and deep physical as well as mental healing by drastically reducing stress level, balancing blood pressure, improving the immune system. Both hemisphere of your brain will be synchronised which then gives the healing effect to the mind and body. To deepen this therapeutic sound healing, you will also experience the touch of the Reiki master’s hand.

Reiki healing therapy

Reiki training certification program


Reiki is an ancient healing art from Japan which was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui. 


Reiki means universal life energy. The space which is surrounding us - the universe - it is filled with endless and inexhaustible energy. It is this universal, original and creative force and source of energy that also gets us alive. Reiki is a natural healing energy, and it flows in a powerful and concentrated form through the hands of the Reiki practitioner. The practitioner will direct this energy only as a channel of the universal life energy. Further, it will give no personal power revoked, but on the contrary, it will be strengthened at the same time and also enriched energy.



Traditional Indian scalp & foot pressure point massage


60 mins 


This is the fastest and most direct way of identifying and working on a very specific points on your foot and head with coconut and lavender oil to clear the layers of old blockage and allowing the prana - a life force energy to circulate the entire body.



Yogic lifestyle consultation


60 mins


At some point of your life, you might need to re-manage your lifestyle such as over drinking, working or smoking. You might wonder why certain negative energy or problems keep coming back.


You might ask yourself : What went wrong?“ Am I on the right track?” Through our years of experience and practice, we can help you find out the hidden blockage and re-adjust your lifestyle so you can be conscious and lead to vital, expressive, victorious lifestyle of love, prosperity, self-esteem and happiness.






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