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November 18, 2016

Technique to Tranquilize an Angry Mind

Sit with a straight spine, and close the eyes. Simply chant aloud the sounds “Jeeo, Jeeo, Jeeo,
Jeeo” continuously and rapidly for 11 minutes without stopping (pronounced like the names for the letters G and O). During continuous chanting, which can approximate 2 to 3 repetitions per second, do not stop to take long breaths but continue with enough very short breaths to keep the sound going continuously. Eleven minutes is both the minimum and maximum time for this technique. 

This technique is useful even for a “red hot” angry mind, and the effects can last up to 3 days, depending on the severity of the anger. Practicing twice a day or more is acceptable if required for the most severe states...

November 11, 2016

Anti-cancer breath given by Yogi Bhajan 10/10/1973

MUDRA: Sit down like a yogi. Extend your tongue as far as you can out of your mouth, and lock it with your teeth halfway in the middle.

BREATH: Breathe in and out long and deep through the mouth, around the clamped tongue.
The sides of the tongue may begin to get very bitter. That is a sign the poisons in the body are being released. Bacteria in you will be killed in your body, right there and then.

Make sure you are breathing from the navel point. This is very important.

COMMENTS: Cancer and this tongue kriya are an enemy to one another.

It says in the scriptures — When the tongue is held out and it is locked by the teeth and you take a breath in and out, and your navel point autom...

September 14, 2016

We wake up in the morning. Then we reached for coffee or our smartphone to check emails. Jump into the bath and run to work. Is this your routine? When was the last time you really thought about what you were doing with your life? Are you happy and consciously living? One of my student asked me “ I have everything in my life, why I am still not happy?” I told him “ May be you have everything, but not YOU!. If you want to have this YOU, try practicing Yoga and Meditation”

The main rule for a good yogic practice is to live life consciously. What does it means to live life consciously? Do I have to focus more? Well lets have a look. In the past in India, the yogis used to live away from fast going life and perform all those yogic po...

December 11, 2015

The Technology of 40 days to change the habits


Thousands of years ago yogis became aware that it is possible to adjust one's life through changing one's habits. Actually this seems like a simple concept, however, for most people a difficult challenge. Habits are repetitive behaviors which form specific patterns in our reality. At the time that the pattern was first repeated, it seemed like a desirable action. However, as our awareness enfolded, these same desirable habits were now experienced as undesirable. Yogic technology offers specific practices to adjust undesirable habits, even those which are haunting us. There is a specific time commitment which is required to adjust the neurons and the frequencies of our brain. Acc...

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