Anti-cancer breath

Anti-cancer breath given by Yogi Bhajan 10/10/1973

MUDRA: Sit down like a yogi. Extend your tongue as far as you can out of your mouth, and lock it with your teeth halfway in the middle.

BREATH: Breathe in and out long and deep through the mouth, around the clamped tongue. The sides of the tongue may begin to get very bitter. That is a sign the poisons in the body are being released. Bacteria in you will be killed in your body, right there and then.

Make sure you are breathing from the navel point. This is very important.

COMMENTS: Cancer and this tongue kriya are an enemy to one another.

It says in the scriptures — When the tongue is held out and it is locked by the teeth and you take a breath in and out, and your navel point automatically starts breathing, then there is nothing in the human body which cannot be cured. “Nothing” actually means nothing.


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