Through our years of working with patients suffering from several disorders e.g., addiction, cancer, depression, childhood- trauma and burnout, we found that it is not only essential not to treat the symptoms, but to go to the root of the problem, which the patient is suffering from.


After several years of practice as a holistic therapist, Paramjot & Param Dhyan has developed an integration of healing methods to formulate their own healing technique called " Touch of Soul ". This is a program that allows us to work beyond physical therapy and dive deep to enter the layers of the sub-consciousness and hidden soul wounds which basically is the cause of all disease.


" Touch of Soul " provides the possibility to connect with your emotions and patterns, which presents the opportunity for the healing process to begin and dispel the root cause of your wounds.


" Touch of soul " is the touch that connects your body to let go of your mind and allow the energy to flow within. Our body and mind are not separated. " Touch of soul " healing is a universal life energy. The space which is surrounding us - the universe - it is filled with endless and inexhaustible energy. It is this universal, original and creative force and source of energy that also gets us alive. This is a natural healing energy, and it flows in a powerful and concentrated form through the hands.


They direct this energy only as a channel of the universal life energy. Further, it will give no personal power revoked, but on the contrary, it will be strengthened at the same time and also enriched energy.


Who is it for?


For young and old, healthy or sick. For yourself or others. For anyone in any health condition.


This healing will affects all places where touched by hands. Because the healing hands radiate anywhere, anytime. Therefore, Touch of soul healing is also particularly helpful and supportive for all people who practice the healing professions, such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.


" Touch of soul " therapy brings the body, mind and spirit into balance and it works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual. It promotes self-healing, invigorates the body and mind to dissolves blockages which has been kept within.





" Silence is the greatest healer " - Yogi Bhajan

  What is  "Touch of soul"  Healing Therapy ?  (in German)

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