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Price: 18€ per class, 10 times card 150€, Free 1 time trial! 

Kundalini Yoga basic class 


Journey into the self and awaken your full potential  : 60-90 mins


In this session you will go through set of exercises to wake up your nervous system and channels in your body in order to activate the flow of your energy which might have been blocked and causing you pain, tension or stiffness.


We offer you a deep experience of the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga in combination with Touch of soul healing. We understand that the body is a functional system. Its receives, processes and accomplishes tasks. It needs cleaning, care and tuning regularly. As we go through a yoga set ( Kriya ) to realign the body, you will then go into a deep relaxation sleep while listening to a sound of the Tibetan singing bowls or a gong. With Touch of soul healing, we will restore the healing energy through your body and dispel your previous pain, suffering, emotions and blockage. This will improve your flexibility, focus your mind and tone your body, achieving the ultimate in mind-body balance.


Once the body is fully activated, it is much easier to prepare yourself for many other experiences and enjoy your life to the max!



Chakra balancing and Numerology


90 mins


Do you think you only have physical body?One that you can see, touch or feel? Yogic teachings explain that we have 9 other bodies too. When all the bodies are in balance you can understand your life much more. This is a very profound personalised treatment. With yoga & meditation, we will be working especially on your chakras and 10 bodies technique which is specially design according to your date of birth. Through your date of birth, we can find out your strength, gift, weakness, path and destiny so you can enhance and live a joyful life.




Fit Yoga - Full work out!


60 mins


A total body work out with yoga, and fitness equipments. Personalised session designed just for you to meet a specific goal. A full hour of body work with energetic mantra music to burn your negativity and build up strength within. If you love to be fit then try our Fit Yoga Class!



Sound & Mantra vibration healing :

Full Moon Energy


60 mins


Come and experience this therapeutic vibrational healing power of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gong combining with Mantra chanting in a special one-hour session. Sound therapy is a beautiful reinforced vibration that impacts the body by releasing blocks and synchronise the brain wave to create healing, lower heart rate and reducing stress level. You’ll experience what the yogis say about the human body that it is, in fact, like a wonderful musical instrument constructed with meridians that allow an inflow of healing and energy to cascade into body like a waterfall.

A divine nectar of ecstasy within!














Overcoming stress & burn-out


60 mins


Too much stress affect your thoughts, behaviour and even health. In a yogic practice there are certain exercise to especially deal with stress and burn-out. This session will help you to eliminate physical and mental pollution.


A powerful Kundalini yoga and Meditation which will renewed your energy and ultimately relax your mind. When we guide ourselves and are no longer at the mercy of subconscious habits, then we become the master of the Self. But to overcome old habits and start new ones we need strong nerves and willpower. It will reprogram your subconscious mind and prepare you to walk back home as a new person.



Tantric Couple Connection


60 - 90 mins


Each of us has days when we arrive home tired and cranky, wake up on the wrong side of bed, or get stuck in a conflict with our partner. Rather than waiting until you drift apart, couples can proactively build love by bonding through this session. This is a powerful emotional cleaning tool to deepen the sense of intimacy, allowing the eyes and body to talk, the hearts to communicate and the souls to connect. It dissolves the barrier that take intimacy to the deepest level possible. Come and enhance your relationship as they says relationship is the highest form of yoga.



Rebirth Meditation - Emotional detox for clarity


90 mins


Cleaning your inner house. Removing your subconscious blocks which unconsciously you might have been collecting from childhood. The idea of rebirthing is to release subconscious mind - the storehouse for past memories, through a profound pranayam ( breathing ) and guided meditation practice. In yogic science, it is believed that only with an empty subconscious mind you can lead a free, spontaneous and intuitive life.





Yoga for 55 plus : Senior class


60 mins


This is a modification yoga class which is specially design for senior people. Even though you have never done yoga, not able to sit on a floor, or physically not fit. Never mind! We can do yoga on a chair. The benefit of breathing exercises, movements , meditation will help to improve the quality of your life at this particular age. This type of yoga is becoming very famous in the world so why not try it here and give yourself a chance. 







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