Touch Of Soul Therapy

What can we do for you?

- Naturopathic consultation
- Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation (Group, single & online) Psychological counselling & in depth analysis
- Trauma release program
- Lifestyle & Empowerment coaching
- Master Reiki Dr.Usui lineage / Dhyan Healing
- Awakening from Addiction Program
- Sound therapy / Gong bath
- Conscious communication & relationship
- Family system / Energetic map
- Kundalini Yoga teacher training, yoga alliance certification
- Reiki practitioner training level I
- Workshops and retreats for small and large groups 1-10 days, various topics



What is it for?

- Acute and chronicle problems/pain/diseases on the physical, mental, emotional level
- PTSD/Trauma release
- Self destructive behaviours and patterns

- Addiction (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, psychoactive substances, food, sex, media devices etc)
- Insomnia/sleeping problems
- Burn-out & Depression

- Fear & anxiety
- Peaceful Relationships
- Family coaching, conscious parenting

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Evelyn Param, Dhyan Wörz

I was born in Germany, where I was educated as a Naturopath, specialised in holistic health. As a psychological counsellor, Master Reiki Healer and teacher in lineage of Dr.Usui my approach is to not only to cure the symptom, but to find out the root cause of your physical or mental problem. I am a Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation teacher and trauma release therapist. I am teaching the ”Awakening from Addiction” program together with my partner. I also offer regression therapy LBL in lineage of Michael Newton, Dr.Brian Weiß, Trutz Hardo.

The muscular biofeedback test called Kinesiology ART/
PK/MFT in lineage of Dr.Klinghardt is another way to
find an exact diagnosis and help you to understand the signals of your body. For deep relaxation I love to offer singing bowls, which I call sound healing. I am a holistic, alternative medicine practitioner and my passion is helping patients dealing with physical, mental and emotional health problems such as insomnia, depression, burn-out, anxiety, PTSD, chronicle pain, addictions, cancer and many more.

I have been working with clients from all over the world for more than 20 years, running successfully my own centre in Germany for many years and travelled the world to work with my patients until I decided to move to Thailand. I work in alliance with many well known health and wellness resorts such as Chivasom, Soneva Group, Four seasons, Santani, Atmosphere Group, St.Regis etc.

Together with my partner, we offer workshops, retreats for small and large groups, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings, Awakening from Addiction Programs and Trainings, I teach at the European yoga festivals and also offer team building programs for cooperations.

As a Reiki Master, I also offer training for Reiki practitioner level I. We are located on a beautiful Island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Paramjot Singh Khalsa

I was born in Thailand, At the age of 7, I started practicing Hatha Yoga and Vipassana Meditation as a child, studied many years with monks and yogis various techniques of yoga, meditation and human well-being until Kundalini yoga came into my life and completed my path, which led me to live in Belgium and Germany for 5 years.

I am specialised in teaching people recovering from
addiction and mental imbalance. I worked many years
in 12-steps based addiction rehab both in Thailand and
Europe. I teach Awakening from Addiction Program and offer
training, guided meditation, empowerment & lifestyle coaching, counselling, stress & burn out release techniques, pranayama and guiding my clients into a healthy and happy life.

I am passionate to expand this ancient yogic holistic wellbeing program to many leading locations. I travel intensively around the world, giving talks, lectures and have taught many workshops, classes and guiding this wisdom to world famous celebrities and highly profile individuals.