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About Paramjot :

Wellness & Holistic health specialist

Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer

Overcoming Addiction trainer & counsellor

Empowerment Life coach 

Paramjot was born in Thailand from an Indian family. At the age of 7, he started practicing yoga and was very much interested in vipassana meditation and spirituality, He spent a lot of time with monks in the forest, mystics and gurus to learn various techniques which then led him to yoga , meditation and healing. Over time, he mastered the art of yoga & meditation from traditions like buddhism, sikh, vedic and zen. 


A natural born healer, meditation specialist, businessman, counsellor, therapist and a yogi,  who has studied and experienced in depth these technologies from India and Thailand. He is a certified kundalini yoga trainer and a teacher of ancient eastern yogic technology inspired by the teaching of Buddha, Mahavira, Yogi Bhajan, Osho, Paramahansa Yoganandya, Patanjali, Gorakh, Nanak, and Kabir.

He is specialized in teaching people recovering from addictions and mental illness. He has been working at a 12-step based addiction rehab in Thailand  for 4 years. He has created "Overcoming Addiction Recovery and healing program" and he is passionate to share this to anyone suffering from their addictive behaviour. For training please visit this link.



Currently, he is working as a yoga, meditation & life-style therapist for Chiva Som, Soneva, Six Senses Resort, and other leading resorts around the world. He is expanding this yogic hoslistic wellbeing program to many leading locations. He travels intensively around the world and has taught many workshops, classes and guiding through his personal wisdom to world famous celebrities and highly profile individuals. 

About Param Dhyan ( Evelyn Wörz ) , ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Kundalini Yoga teacher & Healer


Param Dhyan was gifted with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy to channel the healing energy. She grew up in Germany. With the serious illness and the death of her father, she felt the need for her professional development towards spiritual-holistic healer.


After more than 20 years of working experience, with clients from all over Europe, she developed her own deep alternative/holistic therapy called  " Touch of soul ". Through massage, healthy lifestyle, suppliments, kundalini yoga, meditation, alternative medicine (Spagyrik/Solunate), she is providing a fine balance between traditional/alternative medicine and modern medicine. With the combination of gentle healing touch and channeling the healing energy which enables her patients to recover the physical disease and get access to those blocked soul wounds and childhood traumas.


She is a licensed naturopathic doctor, reiki master and regression therapist trained according to Michael Newton.


She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. A well known Kinesiologist and Psycho-kinesiologist. She also works with cancer patients and drug addicts in Europe.

In combination with her previous skill as an event manager , she is now not just running her own healing centre in Germany, but also together with Paramjot, they are providing a special training for the spa wellness department of those resort which are interested to bring the idea of wellbeing into a wider prospective towards a holistic centre.


Both of them are travelling around the world offering Yoga , meditation , healing workshops & trainings. Their extensive testimonials from around the world highlight how many people have benefited from them.

Paramjot & Param Dhyan's style of teaching and coaching is direct to the point, fun and powerful yet it brings the student into a very calm, joyous and meditative state of mind. The mind becomes clear and a deep transformation starts to happen within. They offer the combination of western alternative medicine, ancient indian-thai wisdom and technology of natural healing & yoga not just as physical part of yoga, but as a yoga therapy, for patients suffering from cardiovascular disorders, cancer, lung disease, burn-out and depression, addictive behavior , as well as overweight or over stressed persons.


Our concept :


  • Purification through Kundalini yoga & meditation

  • Psychologic and yogic counselling:

    • finding out the reason behind physical and psychological challenges in life, such as:

    • cancer

    • chronicle fatigue, depression

    • chronicle pain, Fibromyalgia syndrome

    • stress related diseases

    • sleeping problems

    • addictive behaviours

    • eating disorders

    • chronicle diseases

    • family problems , structuring your life and directions


  • Empowerment coaching


  • 40 days Overcoming Addiction program based on Yogic Practice and Naturopathy.


  • Regression Therapy


  • Family mapping and numerology


  • Growing out of fear and insecurities

  • Non-violence communication 

  • Relationship mentoring - getting through problems between man and woman Conscious Sexuality ).


  • Ayurvedic Nadi Abhyanga Massage


  • Acupuncture , reflexology and pressure points healing.


  • Healing through mantra singing, sound healing and gong.


  • Touch of Soul Spa Training Program based on ancient yogic holistic and well-being technology. 


  • Corporate Yoga & Team building - empowering human resources in the corporate world. 



For further informations, please email us at:


touchofsoul.eu@gmail.com or



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